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At the Basilica

A young lad with a jaded, nostalgic smile etched across his face listened to the clatter of his footsteps down the aisle. Wistfulness and remorse led him here—making him want to remain for a little while, for as long as he lives, for as long as God allows, but told himself, “until she returns”.

A young lady with fingers as cold as the bleakness of winter gazed straight at the altar while neglecting her rogue mister of wrongs. Despair and sorrow led her here—struggling to get a life, to get some more courage, to get some more trust that she is capable of letting go, and then whispered to herself, “I should have stayed. I had enough of malevolence. I should breakaway and return to where my heart truly belongs”.

Seven months passed, and the young lad still stopped by and walked down the aisle; the young lady came alone—picking the broken pieces of the one who was once so light, sanguine, and free. She looked around with a tinge of desolation to meet the young lad’s eyes—the eyes that never lost sight of what his beloved has gone through; the heart that never went numb and never stopped beating only for her.

On that last time of the young lad stopping by, he wrapped his arms around the person he has been waiting to return, held her hand dearly as if to never let go, and together they knelt and glanced at the pinnacle of the basilica—at the cross pointing to the heavens beyond.

“Dearest Lord, I thank you for she returned.”

“Loving God, I thank You for the courage to find my way back—to where my heart truly belongs.”


©2017 Maryell


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You are invited!

With his mom, a guy hurried to his promenade in an events place—a lovely venue romantically lit, ornamented with a garden of flowers and some hanging chandeliers. He reached the place and saw not a single soul or shadow of his classmates wearing tuxedos or ball gowns except one of the school administrators and some male assistants, with the tables and food perfectly set upped on the background for the school’s last promenade.

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Where Love is Not

It’s not in the deafening silence of people in discordance,
Who keep their sorry’s to themselves and leave conflicts unsettled,
Who stand on their green heels as high as their egos;

It’s not in the beguiling smile of false comrades,
Who throw convincing, friendly shows but backbite their selfless preys,
Who vow their loyalty with knives at the tip of their tongues;
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Our Old Song

Your face, your smile
As my foot steps on every tile,
I will always dare to look back even for a while.
Watch your golden dream to come true
—to walk with me down the aisle.

Your voice, the things you used to tell me before
Still looking forward to hear it again, to hear it once more.
Though our picture, through time, it loses its color
I’m afraid, I’m afraid, watching those words drifting away from the shore.

I know you had gone sailing for so long
I hope for the best, I hope nothing goes wrong.
Your promise is the hope that keeps us strong,
To hear it again—to sing our old song.

©2017 Maryell
Photo Credits: Xin Li

Epiphanies in my Not-So-Ordinary Birthday

April 23, 2017

Checking the number of friends who posted birthday greetings on Facebook, taking selfies/groupies showing lots of food prepared and eaten for that “big” day, or even blowing of birthday candles after a hopeful murmur of birthday wishes—we all have our own typical first impressions about birthdays. In the same way, we surely have dreamed of making a twist in celebrating our birthdays—making the best of it count every year.

However, as this day marked the first day of my last year being a “teen”, I had this bizarre feeling in me that something will take shape in the course of events that will make this day subtly yet unexpectedly “wow”.

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